G&R Metals operates from a 26,600 sq. ft. facility as three strategic business units: repair work, fabrication and machining services, and contract fabrication/manufacturing. With a robust array of available services, G&R Metals’ skilled craftsman have the tools and experience to meet your demands.





-All types of metal – A36, Alloy Steels, AR, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Monels 

-All types of procedures – SMAW (Stick), GMAW (Mig), FCAW (Fluxcore), GTAW (Tig), PAC (Plasma 

  arc), Stud welding, Air carbon arc gouging. 

-Numerous certifications 





-Bending (Plate to 3/8” X 14’)

-Shearing (up to 3/8” X 12’)

-Rolling (Angle & Pipe)

-Sawing (Vertical & Horizontal)

-Burning (CNC to 10’ X 20’ X 8”)

-Rolling (Plate to 1” X 10’)

-Large or small fabrications (up to 30 tons)

-Custom Forming 

-Punching (Hydraulic to 2” Dia X 3/8”)

-Threading (Pipe and bolt up to 4”)

-Production Runs

-One-of-a-kind and prototypes

-High-definition Plasma






-Turning (up to 6” Dia X 48”, 25” Dia x 144”)

-Milling (up to 60” X 144”)

-Drilling (up to 3 1/2” Dia)

-Wire EDM (up to 29 1/2 x 19  5/8 x 24)

-Repair machining

-Precision Threading (standard and metric)

-In-field line boring

-CNC Turning

-CNC Milling





4” X 8” X 24” 

up to 1800° F